Thursday, July 31, 2008

Watch the Olympics, Pray for the persecuted

President welcomes those fighting for the persecuted in China
Add one more China Olympic Prayer Band to the 500,000 given by VOM supporters to raise awareness of persecuted Christians. Just 24 hours ago, President George Bush received a prayer bracelet from Bob Fu, president of China Aid Association.

Bob and four other Chinese human rights advocates met with President Bush in a room usually reserved for diplomats. White House officials said President Bush organized the historic 45-minute meeting to "discuss his concerns about human rights in China," ahead of the Olympic Games next month. "The President seems very concerned about the worsening situation for human rights in China," Bob Fu said. "I gave him five China prayer bands for his family to wear and four house churches addresses and told him he would be welcomed to attend their Sunday service when he is there next week."

The President told Bob that he will talk to the press and the Chinese people about the importance of religious freedom. He also promised to tell China's leaders that they cannot use the Olympics as a pre-text to further crackdown on human rights. Please pray President Bush will be successful in advocating for the persecuted church to Chinese leaders. Pray the President will heed Bob's request to intercede for house church Christians in China such as Zhang Rongliang, who is currently serving 7 1/2 years in prison.

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Praise God! The Voice of the Martyrs and CAA's crusade to raise prayer and awareness for our persecuted brothers and sisters in China has reached the leader of the free world. But there are many more people to reach! Prayer bands can be purchased for as low as 50 cents each. Help remind others to pray for persecuted Christians by ordering your prayer bands today!

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