Wednesday, July 23, 2008

101 days

Todd's blog suggested other things we could do for 40 days or more. Like 101 days of sex!
(Laughing Out Loud) Only a guy can make that transition... although in all seriousness the book Couples Who Pray: The Most Intimate Act Between a Man and a Woman by Squire Rushnell and Louise DuArt does say the two are closely related. Seriously.

For what Todd had to say in his own words check this out: Todd's Blog


I think I'm blonde said...

I'm sure some hubby's will be running for both books. Couples Who Pray promises deeper intimacy.
This whole 101 day thing...whew. I don't know..I'm tired just thinking about doing IT for 101 days! :) Oh and seriously, I'm your accountability partner for the praying thing....I SO DON'T want to know about the 101 days of sex and how it's going. :)

smartymarte said...

I am laughing so hard. You are just too funny.