Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Couples Who Pray Together

A few friends who went to Women of Faith recently told me about a 40 day challenge they were embarking on, praying together as a couple. Now having been married 20 years and being married to a pastor, most people probably assume Todd and I do this, but we don't. Not regularly that is. So I decided to take the challenge to Todd.

Now busyness sets in, being tired comes early, and some times I am grumpy. All reasons why it is a struggle, but we are going to give it a try anyway. So far we are 2 nights in to the committment.

I found one web site (listed below) that had these stats. "Couples who pray together have their relationship enriched and strengthened. Surveys from the US show that whilst the divorce rate for Christians is not particularly less than for those outside the church, Christian couples who pray together have a divorce rate of less than 1%. "

Now if that doesn't motivate me, what will?

Are you up for the challenge?


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I think I'm blonde said...

First off let me say..WOW 2 blogs in one day! this does not mean you can slack off until Thanksgiving! And yep we're in there with ya' doing the challenge. I notice you left off some of the 'other' things that praying together is supposed to do for the couple. ;)