Sunday, July 20, 2008

Bicycle built for two? Easier said than done....

My 11 year old son, Clay, and I needed some time together. So on Sunday, down at the beach, while the rest of the family went to church, we went out to breakfast. We ate at a nice, new hotel down the board walk and had a really nice time. Then, as we were walking back to our condo, there is was. A yellow bike for two. What could be more bonding? So, we rented it. But we never, ever got it to work for the two of us. When we should have been laughing, we were yelling at each other. The whole reason we went out was for some bonding time, and it was backfiring.

We traded it in for a two seater side by side carriage that is big at the beach (and that I said I would never rent) and we road up and down the board walk. Clay summed up the whole morning with one line, "Mom, this is teaching us how to work together."

Who do you need some "bicycle built for two" time with?

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