Friday, July 25, 2008

TV Land

In the day and age of High Def and Flat Screen TVs.... we still have our 20 your old TV. Ok, so it is our 2nd TV and it is in our bed room, but some times we like to relax away from the kids in our room and watch a TV show. However, our 20 year old TV had picture distortion, so all the people were short and fat.

What to do.?

In an ideal world, we would buy a nice, big flat screen TV.

But this is not an ideal world, so what did we do? I went to a thrift store and bought an old Magnavox, biggest screen we have, clear, crisp picture for ..... 29.99. Maybe it is a perfect world.

1 comment:

smartymarte said...

There is nothing wrong with a $29.99 TV. Kudos to your awesome bargain shopping skills. May this TV last 20 years also.