Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Student Sponsorship Program- from the Servants For Him Newsletter

Servants 4 Him has had a very successful Student Sponsorship Program for several years in San Pablo la Laguna, now we are ready to begin one in Santiago Zamora. The cost at this time is: 

$100 per child to start to provide the school uniform, materials and the basics to begin the 
school year in January 2011. 
Then, the cost is $15 per month per child & a year commitment. 
At this time we are unable to assign a specific child to a sponsor, however, you will receive updates on the children. 
We have a list of children waiting to be helped with their schooling. We want to be able to provide for 
as many as possible. The children will attend a private Christian school. (I, Maureen, had originally said it was a public school but i was incorrect)
We also have a couple of High Schoolers that would like help as well. Their costs are about $100 a month. 
Would you prayerfully consider helping our children stay in school? Send your donations to 
Servants 4 Him- attn. Scholarships: Santiago Zamora 
PO Box 597 
Hamilton, VA 20159 

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