Monday, August 30, 2010

Today We Moved to Guatemala!

This whole day has been surreal. Emily woke up at 4 a.m. this morning,sat straight up and said, "I am so excited!" From Josh driving us, to the guy who loaded ALL our foot lockers on a cart, to the lady who didn't weigh them, to the security guard who said he'd put zip ties on them...the morning could not have gone smoother. Todd got us from gate to gate and after a lay over in Atlanta, we were on the plane to Guatemala.

As we were getting ready to land, the flight attendants passed out immigration forms to be filled out by each passanger. LOL! Those of you from Destiny Church will be proud, I passed out Destiny pens to all the people around me. This older looking Guatemalan man, in a cowboy hat, motioned to Clay for help. He deferred to me and I used what broken high school spanish I remembered to help him out, eventually taking his passport and filling out as much of the form as I could. What struck me was that the form was both in Spanish and English. It hit me that he could not read it. It was then that I looked at Todd, totally choked up in tears and said, "I am so glad we are here."

I love Jesus and education. And my thought has always been, if I teach people to read, they can read the Bible! so i asked this man to come live with us....ok that is not true.

We made it through the Guatemalan airport and were greeted excitedly by Forrest and Carol.
While getting all of our stuff loaded on the ROOF of the car, we talked to an airport employee
who wanted to practice his english! He says he is studying at the university.

The ride was interesting, traffic is crazy. Guatemala City was poorer and more crowded, and much sadder than I was ready for and i wondered what people would think when they came to visit.

We stopped at Pollo Compero, and got dinner to go. They have one in Herndon but for those of you, like me, who have not eaten there, it is like KFC. When we got to Antigua, we were awed by the sites of ruins that we drove by. Then we arrived home, once again I cried! The pictures do not do it justice. Our home is beautiful. God has given us a place to do ministry and a place to feel safe. The architecture is an added blessing. This house has amazing character, unlike any I have ever seen, with gardens and balconies.

Our stuff was unpacked and we were welcomed by an amazing young guatemalan young lady named Wendy. She lives an hour away by bus and before helping in the houses, had never seen a washer and dryer. However, she does know how to weave cloth and that is an art I cannot even begin to attempt.

It is the rainy sesson, and today it poured. Many things in the house feel damp, but was very cool and comfortable with no air conditioning.

There is a fire place in the living room and our bedroom. This is for when it gets cold outside, since there is also no heat.

Every floor is tile or cement. And we have the Disney channel, in SPANISH!

forrest and Carol have already been irriplaceable to us and for that we are grateful! Wednesday Edsuardo takes us to price mart, Friday the kids can go to a youth group event and next week we start language school!

Is this overwhelming to read? Try experiencing it all in one day!! But God is gracious and we are trusting Him. I promise not to write this much every time, but let me say this....we went around as a family and prayed in each room of our new home and i can honestly say, if you don't come and at least visit, you will be missing out on an opportunity of a life time.

we love you guys,
For us all,


Cody Mummau said...

My dear friends. I love you guys! I am so excited to come see you. You simply must go to the McDonald's just up the road from the market. Just a few blocks from you. The sausage egg and cheese biscuits are SO great. Sit in the courtyard. I know, I know, it is a McDonald's but it is good and it will help with the transition.

I am praying for you guys in these days of transition. Have fun learning all of these new things and we will come see you soon.

Koop said...

Pollo campero is delicious. So awesome to hear this coming from you... can't wait to read more.

Anonymous said...

I can only imagine the emotional rollercoaster you and your family are going through. You all are in my thoughts and prayers, may God continue to give you the strength and the ability to cont. to do what God has asked you and your family to do. Love and miss you,

Dottie said...

I am reading your blog and finding myself tearing up. WOW!!! What an awesome experience for you and your family. You are so favored by God! I cannot wait to see what God does in the lives of you, Todd and especially your children. I am simply amazed at God's incredible grace and mercy!!

stacey said...

HI, I stumbled across your blog while searching online for chiky cookies. I've been to Guatemala the past 3 years for short term missions work and plan on going again next fall. I looked through your blog and it brought back such wonderful memeories. The street picture of Antigua & the ruins. I've been there and recognize the beautiful city. I have friends that do full time missions there also. I usually travel with an organization called Orphan Outreach and do orphan care while I am there. What kind of missions work are you doing? I am looking forward to reading your blog more and following what God does through you in Guatemala.
I'm going to finish eating my chiky Blak cookies now. They are my favorite..I think they are better then oreos :-)