Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Don't Judge A Book by Its Cover

1. The creme filled cookies here have about as much creme as an Oreo AFTER I have licked out the creme.

2. Some restaurants here look sketchy, and then you enter in and there are beautiful courtyards with year- round outdoor seating and delicious food.

3. Some TV shows aren't good in spanish either.

4. The doctor's office looks old fashioned and very third world, but the Dr. was professional, well-informed, spoke enough English and charged me the amount of my co-pay at home.

5. Just because something was good the first time you bought it doesn't mean it will be good the next time you buy it.

6. The ruins and landscape around here are beautiful.

7. Clouds can hide a whole volcano.

8. Worship is just as meaningful in Spanish even if you don't know the words.

9. Mamas everywhere love and worry about their babies.

10. The areas of my old home town that I thought were sketchy don't seem so scary to me anymore.

11. For many people, hot water is a luxury. And so are dishwashers and washing machines.

12. Most of the red and white "do not enter" bars that you find at a toll booth, are manual here.

13. I think all mayonnaise and corn oil should come in a bag with a spout on it, like I get it here.

14. Most people in the world eat to stay alive, in the States, many of us eat for pleasure. This fact changes my attitude about left-overs and repeatedly eating the same foods.

15. People here consider themselves Americans! So you don't say, I am n American, you say I am from the United States.

16. You should bargain in the artisan's market, but it is not really about the best price. This is their livelihood.

17. Motor Vehicles... drive it like you stole it (thank you Ricky Bobby).

18. Pedestrians....imagine you are playing Frogger.

19. Subscribing to the blog Antigua Daily Photo is a must.

20. I don't want to go home but I desperately want people to visit.


Ivo Serentha and Friends said...
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Greg Daniel said...

Hey, Maureen. Just discovered your blog. Enjoying reading about your experience in G'mala!