Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Have You Ever Used Someone to Get What You Wanted?

There is a baby that we buy formula and medicine for.
Some people have said we are being used.
May they are just jealous.
Or maybe we are being used.

Does it matter?

Yes, I think as I lay in my bed unable to sleep. How could she.

And then God ever so gently knocks me off my high horse with two simple questions.
"Maureen, have you ever used someone to get what you wanted?"
"Have you ever manipulated a situation to get what you needed?"
I am silent.

Then I hear Him say, "Whose money do you use to buy the formula?
And what if the mother in the cornstalk house with no money IS using you for formula and medicine?
Does it matter?
Is the baby getting healthier?
Does visiting her give you an opportunity to talk about Me?"

In Christ, I surrender my rights.

And as soon as I think I know what someone needs, outside of Jesus, I am the one in need.
As soon as I get to choose who I serve and who I don't serve, I am no longer serving.
As soon as I think I have something to offer, I have nothing.

So, I hope she is using me for all that Jesus can give her and I hope I never stop giving her Jesus.

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