Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Birthday Celebrations

I love birthdays.
And since I found out that Fernando's family had never celebrated any of their birthdays, I have made it my mission to help them celebrate.
On Monday we celebrated Isma turning 14.

She is growing into the sweetest young lady.

She wanted Pollo Campero for lunch.

Emily made her cake.

There were plenty of people around to help celebrate. 

Afterwards we washed the dishes in the pilla.

And my favorite part of this whole birthday crusade of mine is little Engli's response. Her mom, Rubidia,  said last week when their neighbor had a birthday with no party or fanfare, Engli told her, "Don't feel sad, I'll tell Maureen it is your birthday, she LOVES to celebrate them!"

Deby and Engli

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Jennifer said...

A birthday crusade is a beautiful thing; may God richly reward your efforts to help others celebrate! :)