Monday, February 25, 2008

We left a kid at church- but so did Jesus' parents!!

You may have heard the story; it is found in Luke 2.

"Every year his parents went to Jerusalem for the Feast of the Passover. When he was twelve years old, they went up to the Feast, according to the custom. After the Feast was over, while his parents were returning home, the boy Jesus stayed behind in Jerusalem, but they were unaware of it. Thinking he was in their company, they traveled on for a day. Then they began looking for him among their relatives and friends. When they did not find him, they went back to Jerusalem to look for him. After three days they found him in the temple courts, sitting among the teachers, listening to them and asking them questions. Everyone who heard him was amazed at his understanding and his answers. When his parents saw him, they were astonished. His mother said to him, "Son, why have you treated us like this? Your father and I have been anxiously searching for you."
"Why were you searching for me?" he asked. "Didn't you know I had to be in my Father's house?" But they did not understand what he was saying to them. Then he went down to Nazareth with them and was obedient to them. But his mother treasured all these things in her heart. And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men."

On Sunday a similar thing happened to us. I told Todd I was going home. Now, granted I almost always take a kid with me. But, in my defense, I always send them in to say, "I am going with Mom".

Todd had brought all the kids with him when he went in early, so last that I knew they were all in his possession. In his defense, he does have a lot on his mind on Sunday mornings.

So he calls me after church, they are headed to McDonalds, did I want something. At this point I have NO reason to believe he does not have all the children.

Then he calls back, someone just called from the tear down crew at church and we left Emily. I raised my voice at him a little. It turns out Emily was fine, not even really upset. The family that called ended up driving her home to me. When Todd got home he had McDonalds for her and he told her he was very sorry.
I hugged her and told her that she was in good company, even Jesus was left at the temple.
Then I deposited another $50.00 in her future therapy fund.


Todd said...

I signed no release for my name or likeness to be used in the posting of this blog. You will be hearing from my lawyers. ha.

I'll put in my $50 as well.

SarahRachel said...

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA...I think this is hilarious!!! But if Mary and Joseph did it and Jesus turned out the way he did,I think Emily will be okay. ;-)

Jennifer said...

ACK! I'm just glad the mean neighbors didn't nab her for trespassing!