Tuesday, July 31, 2012

There was a death in the family

Yesterday one of our scholarship student's grandfather died.
We got the call today asking if we could please come over, so Todd, Wendy and I did just that. Somehow I got the message that it was the grandmother who had passed.  So imagine my surprise when I walked in and there she was, greeting people. 

I guess I thought it would just be us and the family. Instead, each of the grandkids' classes and their teachers came by. As a class. Wow!!

The abuelo and abuela lived in a small, three room house made out of a thin sheet metal.
To my surprise, they had taken the sheet metal down to make room for all the people. It was big and open and spacious. The family cooked and as a visitor you are expected to stay and eat.

Each of Alejandra's siblings hugged us, sat with us and introduced us to others. We got an opportunity to comfort the family. It was a cultural learning experience and a chance to see God working. It was also a privilege.

What new experiences have you seen God in recently?

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