Monday, March 12, 2012

My gym membership ain't what it used to be....

When I started going to the gym, Melinda would meet me at my house, I'd wait for her, she'd wait for me. We'd walk to the gym, talking and laughing, or crying, the whole way. We'd work out next to each other, encourage each other, and then walk home. Talking even more. But Melinda is moving. So now I go with Todd Erickson and Clay Erickson who tell me if they have to wait more than 2 minutes they are leaving me, who walk in front of me because I walk too slow and who have asked me not to speak to them, because I interrupt their "gym" time. Then, if I don't want to get left at the gym, I need to leave when they do. So today, I am feeling kinda blue, as I realize that I'm not getting as much out of my gym membership as I used to!

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