Sunday, May 22, 2011

It's The End Of the Day As We Know It

The World was supposed to end today, according to some. For us, in a lot of ways, it is just beginning.

Have you ever have one of those days when God just sends people to your door? Well, I had no intentions of having one of those days. We were going to head to the city, but boy did God have other plans.

This was our day:

5:00 am.Todd drives family to airport

8:00 I get out of bed because men are coming to work on the roof

10:00 Guatemalan friend from the city comes by with her mom and dad so we could meet them

10:30 A mom we minister to, from El Tizate, comes by with her oldest daughter and newest baby (see last news letter to get the story about baby Carolina). The daughter needed to use a computer for a school project. I fed them lasagna for lunch. Mom shared how she does not have enough food for her children. I pack her a grocery bag full of food.
Mom brought me a plant from her garden as a gift.

11:00 The gardener, who comes every saturday morning, plants the gift for me with Emily's help. We feed him every week, this week he got lasagna.

11:30 Todd, accompanied by 2 of our kids, drive the mom and 2 kids to pick of medicine for the grandma and then drive them home.

1:00pm One of Clay's friends comes by

2:00 A Gautemalan friend, Fernando, and three of his kids (that I tutor in Santiago Zamora...see last news letter) come by to visit and talk. I give them medicine for a sick family member.

4:30- 6:00 many missionary friends come by

6:30 Our ministry driver (that we use for teams) comes by to tell us about a car accident he was just in where God spared his life. We feed him dinner and give him medicine.

7:00 Clay and friends come back from the central park, where a young man that we connected with at the lake this week, has called to tell clay he is in town to visit. We feed him dinner. He is now sleeping on our couch.

The story that God was writing in my home this Saturday is better than any movie I was going to see in the theaters. What did you do today when the world didn't end?

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