Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I've Learned A Lot These Past 17 Years

Katey visiting Heather in California
17 years ago, on December 2nd, my first born child, Kate Elizabeth (Katey) was born.
I can't believe it has been 17 years. Of course, as her mom I have taught her a lot of things in those years, but that will never come close to how much she has taught me.

"Miranda" and "Lizzy"
It took years and many doctors visits to get pregnant, so before she ever was born I learned how to wait on God's perfect plan.

Rachel and Amanda "protesting"
on our front lawn

She has taught me how not to be so self centered, not just when she was a baby who needed me to meet her every need, but also as a young woman who often thinks of others above herself (except when it comes to Reese's... LOL)
Joy, Taylor and Katey
Best Friends since 3rd grade
She taught me what a devoted friend looks like, as she is the most faithful person to her friends that I know.

I learned early on that if she threw a tantrum, it was NOT all about me and how embarrassed I was.
I was so concerned about how I looked when she refused to go into her favorite ballet class, that I missed the fact that she was running a fever!

I learned how to rely on God as I saw her do so faithfully when she was in third grade and I was sick with breast cancer. From when I had cancer till a few years ago she would not spend the night away from home, but when she finally left home for a week it was to go to Guatemala on a mission trip. And when I anxiously recieved her call, I was floored when she said she did not want to come home, ever!

Katey helping with a camp in Guatemala
I have seen her live with integrity and she has taught me to do the same, now if she could only get me to stop cussing.... (just kidding, I have not been cussing in Guatemala)
She has displayed a servants heart serving our home church in so many ways, I couldn't begin to count them or even match them.
Katey and Rachel...enough said

She has a creative eye and computer skills that surpass me by miles.
In her, I see a strong quiet confidence and security in the Lord.
She has listened to more sermons on line than I have heard in a life time.

She swims faster than me, grew taller than me, comprehends more spanish than me, she's a great babysitter and an even better big sister.
My kids eating at MonoLoco in Guatemala, where we now live

She is not perfect, but is amazing.  Many may say that behind every good kid is a good parent, (ok, maybe nobody says it but they should) but I know the truth, so much of who she turned out to be had little to do with me. So as I reflect on these past 17 years, I am happy with how much I've grown. Ok, so maybe I still need to grow in the area of it not being all about me.
Katey and I


Fellowship Bible Church said...

sniffle. very sweet, Mo.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely testimony to my favorite 17 year old granddaughter.

eastcoastjen said...

Hello, dear friend. Where have the years gone? Can that be the little girl I knew so long ago? What a beautiful young woman she has grown to be.....and yes, you ARE a wonderful parent.