Wednesday, August 12, 2009

If you give me some paper, I just might cook some tacos.... (or how being ADD makes me fat)

Ok, so you've all heard of the book,"If you give a Mouse a Cookie"... cute children's book on how one thing leads to another in this mouse's day.

Well here is my ADD real life version....

I went to bed about 10:50. It was really hot in my bedroom and I was having trouble falling asleep. My mind was racing with things I needed to get done, ideas for the school year and more. I decided that maybe if I wrote down the things that were swirling in my head I'd be better able to get to sleep.
I turned on the light next to my bed, "Where is some paper? How come I can't find a pen?"
Oh, I know where some paper is.... I climbed out of bed and started to write down my thoughts. Sitting on the love seat that is in my bedroom across from the T.V. I think that I might as well catch the end of Letterman while I clear my mind.
my stomach growls. If only I were asleep already, I would not even know that I was hungry.

I decided to get a glass of milk to hold me over till morning.

I came down to the kitchen and opened the fridge and there staring at me is the ground meat I defrosted but never cooked. Emily has been asking me to cook that meat so she could make tacos. Since I am up I should cook it right now. Is the fry pan in the dishwasher? I emptied the dishwasher. The fry pan is not in there. I get the pan out of the cabinet and start to cook the meat. I reload this dishwasher while I am waiting for the meat to brown. Ooooo that meat looks good. Maybe I'll season it now. This looks so good, I think I'll just have a quick soft taco instead of a class of milk. Oh good there is pineapple salsa, oh yeah and sour cream, we never have sour cream, add some shredded chedder. This looks so good. Oh that is right, Todd called and said he emailed me, well let me just take my taco in here. and there it was, the time on the computer....
or should i say here IS the time on the computer. 1:21 a.m. and I am wide awake eating a really yummy soft taco.....

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