Monday, July 13, 2009

Breakfast for 2

What have my son and I learned in a year? Well a lot actually. (See post below this for a review of last years post) For one thing, we didn't even try and rent a bike on our breakfast date this year. And he had such fond memories from last year, that he asked me out this year. We went to the same place, The Hylton, and both got the breakfast buffet. This is the last year he can get the buffet for the kids price, so next year maybe he'll even offer to pay. After we ate, we found an outside church service and listened to the praise and worship and then headed home. The fact that we had no problems during our date this year shows me we are growing as mom and son. So, next year about this time, i'll let you know how my breakfast is with my son, the man, who now has to pay full price for the buffet. Until then, ask yourself, "Who do I need to have breakfast for 2 with?"

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