Saturday, January 12, 2008


Last night Katey, Clay and I spent three hours at Borders bookstore. We had the best time. It all started after we ate out as a family. We had driven 2 cars and I said, "I think I want to stop at a bookstore." Clay said, "Yes!! 'cause there is a book I want to get." This caused Katey to jump out of Todd's car, "I'm riding with you if you are going to a bookstore." That left Emily in Todd's car with the sentiment, "I don't want daddy to be lonely."

My sister-in-law, Lee told me once that she never said no if her kids wanted to buy books and I have adopted that same philosophy. The book I really want to tell you about is the book that Clay bought, The Encyclopedia of Immaturity. If you know a kid anywhere from 4th to 8th grade then run, don't walk, to your nearest bookstore and buy this book. My eleven year old son cannot put it down. I asked him what he would say was in it and he replied,"It is full of tricks, facts, formulas to see how tall you will be, and stuff that will have you never grow up." That says it all right there.

Let me give you an example; I was in the education aisle looking at books when he says to me, "If you say gullible really slowly it sounds like green beens." So I started saying it, gull-i-ble, guuulllliiibbbble, over and over again as slowly as I could. And just as I was about to say that it didn't sound anything like green beans, I see Clay falling over with laughter. When I realize how gullible I had been, I fell over with laughter and we were both sitting on the floor of the bookstore laughing. I mean really, how good is a trick if it doesn't work on your own mom.

I even bought him a book light so he could read in bed.


SarahRachel said...

YAY for reading!! Even if I'm about to run out the door, if Jackson brings me a book, I'm gonna read it! I just can't say no to reading. Borders and Barnes and Noble are my faaaaaaavorite places! Alan and I spend hours there. And just so you know...I was reading gullible really slowly as I was reading your post before I caught on. ;-)

Don Oesterblad said...

I would have paid money to see that

Don Oesterblad said...

i would have paid money to see that..